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We are distributing five

$500 Artist Awards in 2022.

We want to help

Here at Surfing Madonna Oceans Project, we’re committed to investing in our community through promoting the arts. Our Artist Awards Program is created to help the financial struggles the pandemic has caused our creative community.

We are especially concerned about the effect on under served communities. We don't want those creative voices silenced due to financial hardship.

We don't want to make this too difficult, we just want to help the folks who most need it. 

To apply please send:

• Five examples of your work.

Please keep the email under 8MG or send in several batches.

Use good quality photos of your work.

• The funds for this award are directed to provide support for underserved communities. Please address that aspect in your request.

• A description of where you are headed with your art (some examples may be: why you are an artist, your message, who you hope to inspire or reach with your art, your art career direction, what you hope to accomplish)

• Photo of you with your work to use on our social media to promote the awards to other artists

• Link to your website

• How $500 is going to help you

achieve those goals

• Must be a city or county resident of San Diego, CA. 


2022 Artist Award Recipient...

Little Fish Comic Book Studio!

image_6483441 (2).JPG

About Little Fish

For founder and executive director Alonso Nunez, art was the inspirational building block for Little Fish Comic Studio, starting with Leo Leonni’s children’s book entitled Swimmy. It is a story about a “little fish” that inspires other small fish to join together and scare away the bigger ones that also live in the pond, ensuring the little fishes’ survival. In a lot of ways, this is the vision, mission, and goal of Little Fish Comic Book Studio. Seeing that the “big fish” have taken over the pond and being inspired by other little fish (independent comic publishers & small press), Little Fish Comic Book Studio believes that it is possible to survive “in the pond” by working together and inspiring others to pursue their dreams to make great comics.


Fostering awareness and education for the comic arts

As a nonprofit educational corporation serving the San Diego region, Little Fish Comic Book Studio is dedicated to developing an appreciation of the comic art form through classes and camps directed to students of all ages and creeds, while through community partnerships and local events making an impact on the education of the public at large.

Our goals are to educate students using the standards of a traditional art school and the comic book industry with the passion and the openness of a relaxed studio environment. Little Fish aims to give each student, regardless of their prior educational backgrounds, age or identity, a realistic, working understanding of what it takes to be a professional comic creator, all while giving them the catered instruction designed to better them as individual artists at a pace that works best for them.


Our Projects

American BOOOM!

Sarah Hannigan's father is killed by Mexican cartels. What is a 16 year old girl to do in the face of such a devastating loss? Don the guise of "American BOOOM!" and avenge her father's death, that's what. Join us Little Fish Comic Book owners Alonso Nunez & Patrick Yurick as they bring you this exciting adventure about the girl with the exploding fists! 

Squids & Rainbows

Some people would make a comic about squids OR rainbows. We pushed the envelope - we did it about both. Join Little Fish Student Effren Villanueva for this weekly comic that is sure to have your eyes bulging with hilarity. 


Little Fish Comic Book Studio

6822B EL CAJON BLVD., SAN DIEGO CA 92115 - (619) 356.1103


San Diego
Black Arts and Culture Tour

Created by Kim Phillips-Pea

"I'm currently in the process of launching the San Diego Black Arts and Culture Tour. The tour is designed to highlight everything under the sun when it comes to Black Arts and Culture as it relates to our beautiful city dating back to the 1800's. 

I was born and raised here in San Diego and thankfully I've had an opportunity to build spaces for arts and creativity in my community including mural installations and opening art galleries like the Pop Up Art Gallery at Market Creek Plaza, Roots & Vines - Life is Art, Kali Artist Konnect and Oya Art Gallery & Boutique. 

The reason I'm applying for the funding is because I used to be a full-time artist in my community. I loved being able to serve and provide access to our youth during summer art camps and by volunteering. Recently, due to the cost of living, gas, art supplies and everything else, I've had to get a full-time job in order to support my family. 

I will be investing into the tour with my personal finances but I'm limited with the amount I'm able to contribute. Many of our local artists including myself have had to take full-time jobs because there isn't any direct funding for ongoing projects that I know of unless you are an artist with a relationship with a non-profit or there is specific criteria required which I've seen that prevents artists from qualifying for funding opportunities.

"The grant funding would be used to print brochures for the tour and to also help purchase the flip cards that are needed at various tour destinations. 

For example, at the tour destinations where the buildings or structures that are no longer in existence, I want to have a large photo of the location so that we can see it and then close our eyes and fully imagine what it was like during that time period.”

For information on San Diego Black Arts and Culture Tour 


Other ways to interact with Black Art and Artists in San Diego:

Oya Art Gallery & Boutique

6 Hensley Street San Diego, CA 92102


Encinitas Friends of the Arts

Encinitas Flea Market Fundraiser for the Pacific View School Renovation into an Arts Center

Surfing Madonna Oceans Project donated Five ($100) booths to this event to be given to five under resourced artists to have a tent at the event. This helped the Encinitas Friends of the Arts have a successful fundraiser and allowed the five artists chosen to show and sell their work.

"Encinitas Friends of the Arts (EFA) sponsors and produces the Encinitas Flea Market. This annual event is an ongoing community fundraiser that started in July of 2017. Funds raised go to support cultural events such as Dia de los Muertos, public art, and mariachi band. Booths rented by artists will not only be used to show their art, but also to offer up-cycled and vintage arts and crafts and decorative objects. One of a kind gifts are the order of the day at the Encinitas Flea Market, where keepsakes and new treasures are abundant."

Northcoastal art gallery.jpg

North Coastal Art Gallery (NCAG)

Supporting Artists in North San Diego County with Programming

We have chosen the first award winner of the Surfing Madonna $500 Artists Award.

We chose the North Coastal Art Gallery for their commitment to artists with shows, demos and student scholarships.  We want to help support them from the difficulties the pandemic caused their funding and sales at the gallery. We believe in their Mission Statement and understand this area of San Diego needs a dedicated group contributing to cultural experiences for the community.

Help support them by visiting the gallery, joining the membership and support the arts!

North Coastal Art Gallery Mission Statement

The North Coastal Art Gallery (NCAG) is a non-profit organization founded to promote art education and the cultural appreciation of fine art in the community. The purpose shall be supported, as funding allows, by demonstrations, student scholarships, outdoor displays, exhibitions, commercial displays, miscellaneous cultural tours, and a main gallery.

Visit the Gallery:

300 Carlsbad Village Drive, Suite 101

Carlsbad, California 92008


Gallery Hours: (admission is free)

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Sunday: 11 am - 5 pm 

P.S.T. Friday & Saturday: 11 am - 5 pm 

D.S.T. Friday & Saturday: 11 am - 8 pm 

Closed Tuesday