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Challenge of the Century

Not offered in 2023

Cliff Hiking
Challenge of the Century: Text

How Far Will Your Challenge

Take You?

Run, Walk, Bike, Hike,

Swim or Paddle

New for 2022 -

The Creative Challenge!

100 Miles,

100 Days,

1 Million Steps

Registration Starts January 1, 2022
Early Registration $44 before April 15, 2022
After April 16 - May 15 $49
After May 16 - June 15 $54

Challenge of the Century: About
Women Walking

Challenge of the Century
Let Your Challenge
Take You Where You Want To Go

About This Event

Begins June 1 - ends September 30, 2022

You can walk, run, bike, hike, swim, paddle (or other exercises you enjoy) 

100 Miles over four months or

100 Days over four months or

Walk, run, hike 1 Million Steps over four months!

Or Take the Creative Challenge and commit to working for 100 days over the course of the summer on a creative project!

That’s 25 miles a month, about 5 miles a week, a mile a day with 2 days off a week!

You got this!

Challenge of the Century: Who We Are

This challenge is for all levels of ability.
Complete this Challenge SOLO
or with a TEAM
and divide up the miles.

Challenge of the Century: Quote


As a Solo the social connections you’ll make on the website are encouraging and inspire you to complete your challenge everyday. You’re setting the pace for yourself, and participating with a bunch of other people who want to be part of something bigger than themselves. 

As a Team you can get the whole family, the office or a group of friends  to participate and everyone contributes to the miles! 

Show off your Surfing Madonna Challenge of the Century Medal

and feel proud of your efforts!

Challenge of the Century: Text

Creative Challenge

Challenge Yourself to accomplish a new creative project for 100 days over the course of four months!

You can commit to working 100 days to:

• Paint or draw or journal,

• Learn a new craft technique or

• Challenge yourself to write a story, book or play!

• If you are into music learn a new song, or new instrument or

• Write and perform a new piece of music or theatre.

Take on a big project and challenge yourself to go to the next level in your creative journey!

When it comes to supporting creative work Surfing Madonna wants to encourage you to reach beyond your everyday experience for this Challenge! It doesn't matter how long you work on it for a day, just touch base with your project for as long as you can and move it forward for 100 days during the 4 month period!

During the Challenge share your progress with us and if you would like - we will post your project for the day on our social media giving you exposure to our audience!

Our Executive Director, Cathy Carey - a professional artist, will guide you during the 4 month challenge with suggestions to open up your creativity, inspire you to find new ideas and to support each other with a shared Facebook page and Pinterest board. Find new topics and book materials to draw on, inspiring movies and events happening during your challenge to be aware of and take in. Participate as much as you like by posting your thoughts, progress and encouragement to each other.

At the end of the Challenge our Board of Directors will choose winners for First Place $100, Second Place $75 and Third Place $50 to support you in your creative journey! 

Show off your Surfing Madonna Challenge of the Century Medal

and feel proud of your efforts!

Challenge of the Century: Text

Take the full 100 Mile Challenge and do it in the shortest amount of time.

Take the 100 Day Challenge and do the most miles.

Take the 1 Million Steps challenge and do it in the shortest time.

Challenge of the Century: Quote

You’ll log your miles, time and upload photos (optional) through your RunSignUp profile (created at time of registration) and earn digital badges every ten miles!

There will be prizes for top finishers and top teams! 


This challenge is NON-EXCLUSIVE meaning ALL miles from other races, challenges, or in-person races count towards this goal. For example, if you run Boston Marathon, those miles would count towards this challenge.

Challenge of the Century: Text


Registration Begins January 1 - June 1

Challenge Begins on June 1st

Challenge Ends September 30, 2022

Finisher Medals and Swag Mailed late July 2022

There are 6 divisions for this challenge - At the time of registration, you’ll choose between:
SOLO 100 Miles, SOLO 100 Days, SOLO 1 Million Steps
TEAM 100 Miles, TEAM 100 Days, TEAM 1 Million Steps


When signing up for this division, you’ll complete the 100 miles, 100 days or 1 Million Steps entirely on your own by September 30, 2022. Challenge begins on June 1st. Permitted activities are listed below. No retroactive mileage allowed (meaning accumulated miles don’t start until June 1st.) You’ll register for the challenge and log your miles through RunSignUp, which will track your progress throughout your challenge journey. The leaderboard will be based on distance completed, not pace. 

Man running with bridge in background


When signing up for this division, you’ll have a team and you’ll divide up the 100 miles, 100 days or 1 Million Steps however you’d like. Your team will complete the challenge by September 30th. Challenge begins on June 1st. Permitted activities are listed below. No retroactive mileage allowed. You’ll register for the challenge and log your miles through RunSignUp, which will track your progress throughout your challenge journey. The leaderboard will be based on distance completed, not pace. Each teammate will receive their own Medal and Goods in the mail. To REGISTER as a Team: The first teammate to register will create the team. Then all teammates thereafter will join that team when they register. Teammates don’t have to complete the miles together or live in the same town! Each teammate will log their miles through their own RunSignUp account and the miles will be allocated to your team’s total miles! 

**Team discounts available, please email before you register. Discounts can’t be applied after you register.

Walking Club


Permitted Activities for the 100 Miles and 100 Days challenges:

  • Running

  • Walking

  • Cycling (regular or stationary)

  • Hiking

  • Stand Up Paddle boarding

  • Rollerblades/skates

  • Elliptical

  • Swimming & Rowing

Permitted Activities for the 1 Million Steps Challenge: 

  • Running

  • Walking 

  • Hiking

  • Treadmill

  • Rollerblades/skates

  • Elliptical

**You may transfer divisions anytime at no charge

Couple Walking


Registration will open from January 1 to June 1st. The Challenge begins on June 1st and you’ll have until September 30, 2022 to complete the challenge.

Walking the Dog


FREE shipping for USA orders. International participants are welcome, but an additional shipping fees will apply. Once your package is shipped, you’ll receive an email with a tracking number. Packages will be shipped approximately in late July 2022.

SUP With a View


For tracking your distance and time, you can use whatever app or system that works best for you (Garmin, MapMyRun, Strava, etc). Once you register, you’ll be able to MANUALLY log all of your miles through your RunSignUp account until you complete the challenge. We’ll track your progress and you can see how all the other participants are doing as well. Leaderboard will be based on distance, not pace! This is about endurance, not speed. To keep it flexible for all of the participants, we are not requiring you to sync or upload your .FIT or GPX files! Your mileage entries will be manual and you can use whatever tracking or fitness app you’d like.

Image by Serena Repice Lentini


Throughout your challenge take some exciting pics and send them to us and we will choose and post on our social media our favorites and you'll get a cool prize!

surfing madonna pin graphic.jpg
Challenge of the Century: Get Involved

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Challenge of the Century: Meet the Team

Special Needs Surf Camp Fundraiser

News 8 interview with President Mike Redman, Special Surfer Gus and Executive Director Cathy Carey

Challenge of the Century: Video

Virtual Challenges

One Step at a Time

Exciting new "Challenge" series of events!

A virtual challenge that you can run, walk, bike, hike - even swim, surf or paddle!

Perfect for all abilities, all ages, You choose your Challenge!

Need a reason to pursue a Challenge?

This is a great way to build fitness, test endurance, commit to healthy habits.

Train for in-person races. Find friends and build an on-line support base to stay inspired.

An awesome Team Builder for schools, families, office.

The Challenge of the Century can be done as a SOLO or a TEAM. Everyone receives their own:

• Finishers Medal and cool Surfing Madonna Challenge swag

• Inspiring online Challenge community - Mileage tracking, leader board, group support

• FREE shipping 

Build camaraderie along with fitness:

Find friends or family and everyone can contribute to overall distances, and days. 

Challenge of the Century: What We Do
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